Sunday, January 6, 2013

Special Needs Sunday (1st Edition!)

Welcome to my first (of MANY, hopefully!) Special Needs Sunday posts! I've been contemplating making a weekly post that highlights resources, ideas, blogs, Pinterest finds, etc. that are special ed oriented. And after making a collaborative Pinterest board for Differentiation Ideas & Resources (comment with a link to your Pinterest if you would like to pin to that board also!), I was even more motivated to get something going on my blog. So here it is.. every Sunday, it will be all things special ed!

Before I proceed, I want to give credit where credit is due. The beautiful graphics you see above come from Ellie over at See Ellie Blog. She creates such gorgeous designs, plus she has 2 adorable sons with Autism... so who better to get graphics from than her for this post?! You can read about her and her sons here. And make sure you check out her graphics! (You can also visit Ellie Lash Designs).

Okay, so for my 1st edition (drum roll please... jk!), I want to share with you my Top 5 necessary items in my resource classroom. I've seen some lists on Pinterest & thought it would be a great idea to share my own! So here it goes (in no particular order):

1. SmartBoard - I use it constantly! It's very engaging for my students and more exciting than the regular whiteboard.

2. ClassDojo - I've said it many times before & I'll say it again, ClassDojo has been a lifesaver when it comes to Behavior Plans and rewards! (Plus, it's up on the SmartBoard 85% off the time, hence why the SmartBoard is important!) You can read about my love of ClassDojo here!

3. Fidgets - My students love them! You can read about them here.

4. IEP At a Glance - I don't know how I got by last year without these! It's like my little "cheat sheet" for all my students important info (and wayyy easier/quicker to look at than the entire IEP!). Grab your free copy here and read about my Student Info binder here!

5. iPad - This is a no-brainer.. they love it, they're engaged and they think they're playing when they're also learning (Yay!) And yes, that's mine with a pink case! I'm sure my boys really enjoy it.. haha

That's all for today's Special Needs Sunday post! Be on the lookout each Sunday for my newest special needs post! (I'm thinking about turning this into a Linky Party each week, so you all can link up & share your special education resources. Thoughts?? Both special ed. and general ed teachers (and OTs, PTs, Speech Teachers, parents, etc.) would be welcome to link up & share what they use for special needs students! It would be an "inclusive" Linky Party.. get it? lol. Tell me what you think!)

PS - Don't forget to enter to win a tablet from Teachers Notebook! Just click the image below to enter! (You can enter daily!)


  1. i think it was awsome my self used to be in Special Ed Classes my self would not mind talking to a Special Needs teacher again some time has all my Special Ed I.E.P Plans here at Home lives in Massachusetts and my name is Kevin M Smith any probs ty.

  2. What a great idea! I love the idea of turning it into a linky party. It would be a great way to find other special ed. teachers, and providers. SO jealous you have a smart board and an I pad. I seriously want both of them. I may need to apply for a grant or something (although we do have one we can check out-maybe I need to do that more often).

  3. So glad I came upon your blog. I'm starting a new long term sub position for the rest of the year in an elementary resource classroom tomorrow! I have no other information about it... but I wanted to be sure I have a loose plan to do something with whatever students I will meet tomorrow, and formulate some ideas. Naturally, I want to do a great job so I would be considered for any permanent job that comes along. Your blog and a few other websites I came across have been helpful - at least I have some ideas! I had been on a long term sub assignment in a preschool. Each sub job I've had has been different from the other. Talk about having to be flexible!

  4. iPad and SmartBoard - I would LOVE both of those! My department is currently writing a grant for iPads so I hope we get them!! And I pretend I have a smart board by writing on my white board with the screen projected and use a Qomo tablet. It works but isn't as cool as the real things :)

    I'm checking out class dojo right now!

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

    1. I hate it when I leave the link to the "wrong blog" pretend it says this :)

      Brie @ Breezy Special Ed

  5. I think it would be awesome to have a Special Needs Sunday linky party! I am beginning a new job this semester working with Special Education Math for a group of 24 7th Graders online and I know that this will not only be a fun adventure but at times a challenge as well.


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