Friday, January 25, 2013

Five for Friday.. On.. FRIDAY!

Woohoo! This is the first time I have actually posted my Five for Friday on a Friday!
I'm also linking up with All Things Upper Elementary for their Free for All Linky PartyKeep reading for 2 great freebies! Head on over to grab more freebies, or share your own!

1. I introduced prime and composite numbers to my 4th graders.. oiy! It's really tough for my students because before they can decide if the number is prime or composite, they have to be able to name the factors.. and they have such difficulty memorizing their facts.. so it's not coming very easily. But I made this worksheet to help model the concept. Click on the picture to grab this freebie!
2. I'm getting observed on Tuesday, so I've been planning, planning, planning! I'm being observed during my math period with my 4th graders. I'm going to be teaching true and false number sentences. If you have any tips for teaching this concept, I'm alllll ears! =)

3. On Thursday, we had a Reader's Workshop Workshop for the teachers (yes, a workshop on a workshop, lol). We have them about once a month to learn how to teach each unit and the woman will go into a classroom and demonstrate mini lessons for us. Very informative! Anyway, this time she talked all about non-fiction reading (which is what my 3rd graders are beginning to work on) and how to summarize non-fiction. She modeled the "Giant T" for us, which is a great tool for students to use for summarizing non-fiction, or planning non-fiction writing. Since my students need to see it visually first, I made a hand out with the Giant T. Click on the picture to grab your own copy!
4. I was really hoping for a snow day today.. And it didn't happen.. and then it snowed once school was over. Dear snow, if you're not going to snow before/during the school day.. please don't snow at all =)

5. I did running records on my 3rd graders this week and all of them were able to move up a reading level! Yayyy! I even have a few that I want to try at an even higher level =)

Welp, that's my Five for Friday! I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Oh and check out this amazzzzing giveaway over at Ms. Fultz's Corner! It's her Bloggy Birthday!



  1. Love the prime and composite numbers resource, thank you! And thanks for joining our linky party. :)

  2. I absolutely love that "Giant T" graphic organizer. I am already thinking of all the nonfiction articles my fourth graders could use it with. I am a Title 1 intervention teacher and am really glad I found your blog! I am your newest follower!

    Eclectic Educating

  3. Yay!! Thank you for these freebies!!! Prime and composite is a toughy!!

    I've been doing running records since we got back to school in January. I'm excited my students are moving up a few levels, it just takes soooo long to do!! :O)

    Collaboration Cuties

  4. Thanks for the freebie. It looks nice. ;)
    The Learning Metamorphosis

  5. Hi, thanks again for sharing. I've put together a lesson plan with your handout used for independent practice, and linked to your post over at my blog. Hope that's alright.

    The Learning Metamorphosis

    1. Wow that's awesome!! Of course it's alright! I'm going to check it out right now =)

      The Resource Room Teacher


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