Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dreaming of Multiplication... Ah!

If you are having dreams about multiplication and how to figure out new ways to teach it to your students.. does that mean you're crazy? If so.. Hi, my name is Ashley and I'm absolutely crazy.

No joke, Monday morning I woke up during a dream about some "new way" to teach my students multiplication facts. So. Not. Cool.

On that note.. I wanted to share some of the activities I have been using to teach multiplication to my below-level 4th graders.

Many of the activities I've been using this week I found on Pinterest (probably why I had those dreams..). On Monday we talked about the "Commutative Property" which Everyday Math refers to as "Turn Around Facts" or I sometimes call them "Flip Flop Facts". Here's the small chart we made:
Then on Tuesday we used all of our strategies to show multiplication, including arrays, equal groups, repeated addition and turn around facts. I got the idea from The Teaching Theif, check out her's here  (Her's is more creative.. I forgot to get candy for the arrays & the stickers I had were too big. Whoopsie! Oh and ignore the white out on mine, I wasn't the best judge of the space I had..)
If you would like a copy of the worksheet above, you can grab one for free HERE.

We've also been doing daily Mad Minutes to improve our automaticity (I have such a wide range of abilities when it comes to this area.. One kid was able to answer 29/30 correctly in 1 minute, and another who could only answer 4/30 correctly.. oiy!). I decided I wanted my students to keep track of their Mad Minute results, and challenge themselves to beat their own high score. So I made this graph for my students to keep track of their progress (also a great piece of data to show parents!!).. Click on the picture to grab your own copy!
Here's what some of my kiddos' graphs looked like last week (I meant to take a picture of a few today and forgot, whoops again!)
We're having a multiplication quiz on Friday, so let's hope it goes well! *fingers crossed*

Oh & I must share with you the highlight of my day!! During math today, my principal came into my classroom and presented me with this little brown box (sorry for the phone pic)..
Yep! A brandy new iPad!! I have been using my personal one in my classroom but it gets a little scary hoping they won't drop it or anything. So now I have one that is completely dedicated to my classroom. Woo! =)


  1. Hi Ashley! Don't worry- you're not the only crazy one who has teaching dreams. I love the idea of calling the commutative property the flip-flop property. That must make it so much easier for the students to remember. I also find that using songs and rhymes has helped my students remember their facts.

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  2. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award (an award for new bloggers)! Stop by my blog to check out what it is all about!

    Miss Allison's Class


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