Thursday, November 15, 2012

Post Hurricane Sandy Craziness Post..

So if I wasn't already behind on my bloggy life, I'm REALLY behind now!

First of all, I apologize for my lack of meaningful/teacher-y posts. Life has been busy/crazy/hectic.

Since my last post:

- I turned 25 (woo!) on Oct. 27th
- Hurricane Sandy hit 2 days later.. My family and I were very lucky that we were all safe and no major damage was done to our houses or cars.
- We had no power for 12 days.
- During that time, a "Nor'easter" hit (we didn't get too much snow by me, but it was very cold.. and we had no power, which also meant no heat or hot water, so it was a pretty stinky combo).
- School was canceled for a week. Then last week we had delayed openings all week long.
- Our school celebrated Halloween on Nov. 9th, which felt pretty weird, haha
- Oh, and I was supposed to move into my new apartment on Nov. 1st.. but the apartment had no power either and most of our furniture deliveries were delayed (understandably so). However, I am officially moved in now & I must say, I looooove my apartment! =)

So that has been the life of this girl lately. Hurricane Sandy hit NJ & NY very hard and it is devastating to see what happened in some areas (especially the Jersey shore areas.. my grandparents own our family shore house in Seaside Heights.. the house is safe, just some flooding. But much of Seaside is severely damaged). However, Jersey is STRONG and the comradery I have seen is absolutely amazing.

Last week, I had my students make cards for the people working to rebuild the Jersey shore and to the people who lost their homes and businesses. The cards were really cute and thoughtful! If you are interested in having your students send some emotional support to hurricane victims, here is the information (I apologize for the screen shots of my phone, it was the best I could do without power, lol) or you can check out the Rebuild Seaside Heights, NJ Facebook Page.

Unfortunately, one very sad story comes from the district I teach in. A family with 4 children lost both of their parents the night of the hurricane. If you would like to read more about them, click here. They are no longer accepting money donations, and the oldest daughter would appreciate donations to go to other hurricane victims (amazing, right?).

So that's that! I promise to get back into the swing of things soon and share with you some great things that have been going on in my classroom. If you are someone who was affected by Hurricane Sandy, I hope you were able to stay safe & stay strong! xox



  1. Glad to hear your home had no damage! How horrible about the family in your district - and how touching that she wants donations to go towards other victims. Wow.

    Hope you and your classroom get back into the swing of things soon :)

    - Sasha

    The Autism Helper

  2. I'm glad to hear your seaside home was fine! How sad about the family in your district. I'm sure there are many more devastating stories. I hope that things improve out there soon and you and your classroom are able to get back into the swing of things again.


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