Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cyber Deals Linky!

So admit it.. how much shopping did you do during the Cyber Monday & Tuesday sales? Don't worry, I won't tell.. because I am super guilty myself!! I bought wayyyyy more than I intended. I even went back last night & bought a second round of products! But I can't say I regret it, because I am very excited about each item I bought and I'm already using them in my classroom! And since I'm so excited about my purchases, why not join a linky party & share all these goodies?!! =)
I'm linking up with Stephanie from Falling Into First for her Cyber Deals Linky Party!
So here's what I bought!
Can you tell I'm really enjoying Scoot?? I can't believe I haven't played this game before! My kids love it & I can assess them at the same time.. genius! And I am also inlooove with Jessica's Rockin' Realistic Fiction unit! I've already started using it this week & it's working so well with my 3rd graders! It's been a real life saver so far =)

This sale also could not have come at a better time because I was just informed that my 4th grade resource room math class needs to change. Now some of the 4th graders need to work on the 3rd grade skills they do not have and the others need to continue working on a modified 4th grade curriculum. Can we say.. AH!? So yea, I bought a bunch of products to help me with that. And once I get a new routine under control with that class, I will share with you my new approach!

I must say, I am constantly amazed at the level of creativity and talent all of you amazing teacher sellers have! It has really inspired me to kick my butt in gear and get back into making more products & keeping up with my blog. So thank you! And be on the look out for new things coming from me soon =)


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